Personal/Executive Coaching

Michael Dewan Herrick

Integrative psychotherapist

UKCP accredited, full member

Qualifications: MA Contemplative Psychotherapy, Naropa University

I have been working with people in therapy or life coaching for over 35 years. This has included people of all ages and with every issue imaginable. I have worked with adults and children, couples, families, and groups. At this point, nothing surprises me or is too ‘strange’ or difficult. I have worked in psychiatric hospitals, a day program, a residential treatment centre, emergency services, and in out-patient therapy agencies. I feel fortunate to have worked in so many different settings and have learned something important from each one.


Throughout my 37 years of working with people I have always incorporated elements of coaching into my work and for the past 10 years I have offered coaching as a separate service.

Psychotherapy and life coaching do have some things in common, but they are different in their emphases and the methods they use. Psychotherapy aims at understanding and resolving difficult issues that are getting in the way of feeling good and functioning in one’s daily life.  Such issues are likely the result of painful experiences in the past. Coaching focuses more on taking concrete steps toward one’s dreams and desires for the future. If you don’t have any major issues that are causing significant distress, but you want more joy, satisfaction and meaning in your life, then life coaching may be a more effective approach for you.

While the tools and strategies of coaching are different to psychotherapy, I make use of the same general orienting perspectives. This includes attention to the body, the mind, relationships and the environment. Regardless of an individual’s goals they are more likely to be attained when one has practices for strengthening each of these areas. For instance:

Body: What do you need to do to be physically healthy and strong?

Mind: What do you need to learn (or unlearn!) in order to embrace your desired future?

Relationships: How can you cultivate the kinds of relationships (love, friendship, work) that you want?

Environment: What places are most conducive to your goals and where do you want to see yourself in the future?

Attending to all 4 areas creates a powerful synergistic effect. Rather than give advice or prescribe practices for you, we would collaborate toward designing the practices that make the most sense for you, given your own interests and style.

Focus of Life Coaching

  • Explore and clarity your unique life purpose
  • Clarify how your values inform your purpose
  • Setting of attainable goals and vision
  • Develop individually tailored strategies and practices based on your unique interests and strengths
  • Support and challenge that keeps you motivated
  • Ongoing measurement of progress toward your goals
  • More joy, satisfaction and meaning in your life

The kinds of things that Life Coaching can help with

  • Work/career direction and development
  • Work/life balance
  • Finding a partner and intimate relationships
  • General self-care
  • Social skills
  • Stress management
  • Parenting

Cancellation Policy

For psychotherapy to be effective it is important to maintain regular appointments. Initially this is weekly, but in time we might agree to meet fortnightly. I understand that sometimes there will be circumstance that can interrupt regular attendance. In this case, I require 48-hour notice or else the full fee for the missed session will be due. Sometimes a missed session can be rescheduled in the same week if I am available at an alternative time when you can come.

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