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Private Counselling London. Psychotherapy & Life Coaching

We are offer in-person & online appointments with UKCP accredited therapists.

We meet over 100 clients every week.

If you are interested in our reduced cost counselling service, please visit RCC – Reduced Cost Counselling

Psychotherapy & Private Counselling

We have been providing successful psychodynamic psychotherapy and counselling. We have a reputation for providing positive and long lasting outcomes, for a diverse spectrum of clients. It is modelled like a GP’s Practice, where all of the counsellors & psychotherapists are individual practitioners, and each has particular ways of working and special interests.


Life Coaching & Personal Development

Coaching is different to psychotherapy and counselling in that it focuses on the future and encourages personal or professional development and confidence, whereas psychotherapy and counselling are concerned with emotional or mental health and well-being and pay more attention to what has happened in the past in order to deal with current difficulties.


Book Appointment

You can book for an initial consultation by yourself online. Alternatively, you may contact us by telephone, SMS, or email to set up the first meeting. It can be booked for the next day if we have an available therapist.


Our Psychotherapy Practice in Central London

Practice Manager : Yoko Kirkpatrick

The Koan Practice is a central London group of qualified psychotherapists. The team is currently made up of twelve qualified therapists, catering to a broad range of client needs. All of our therapists are fully qualified and accredited by major accreditation bodies in the UK. We have been providing successful psychotherapy. We have a reputation for providing positive and long lasting outcomes, for a diverse spectrum of clients.

Our therapists are committed to the individual. This means that your psychotherapist is able to offer to see you without having limits on the amount of counselling work that you can do or how often & how long you meet with your therapist. This is what makes therapy with us different from other funded services. In a climate that increasingly promotes brief interventions, our therapists wanted to deal with the question ‘What happens after brief intervention?’ This counselling group practice was formed as a response to the perception that current service provision fails some of those who could most benefit from a prompt, sustained therapeutic intervention.


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