Private counselling/therapy is not cheap. The average fee would be around £80- £100 per meeting in Central London. In some places, the fees are in excess £150 per meeting for once weekly meetings. A lot of people cannot afford those fees for private psychotherapy. Even if you can afford them, you would probably want a “quick fix”. We wanted to address that problem, and are orientated to provide quality counselling and psychotherapy services in London irrespective of the ability to pay those fees for a substantial length of times.

That’s why we have a sliding fee scale. Our fees for individual therapy start from £70.00 to £100 per session for once weekly sessions depending on your income. So, our clients can pursue medium to long-term treatments because they can and they want to.

The therapist and you will agree on a ‘regular frequency’ of meetings. Usual frequency is once weekly. In effect then, you will agree with the therapist for a recurring series of appointments. So, meetings that are cancelled, missed or otherwise disrupt the series: they need to have a working policy (pre) agreed that covers such exceptions.

This means that there is often an unspoken understanding at the end of one meeting that you will attend the next because both you and the therapist know and have pre-agreed how often you meet and at what usual time. It is more often the case that you will speak about disruptions and one-off changes to that rhythm rather than confirming it time after time.

if an appointment time and date have been agreed and confirmed, then the therapist will accept cancellations with due notice. Without sufficient notice time, the therapist will have insufficient time to re-organise their diary, and that time will be unproductive. So, without sufficient notice, the therapist will expect you to reimburse (pay for) the missed session.

Although the group practice suggests a 48-hour cancellation policy (which means that appointments cancelled with less than 48 hours prior notice are chargeable in full) to our senior therapists, each of our senior therapists is allowed to have his/her own cancellation policy. This is because their training has emphasised different aspects of the patient/therapist contract. Your therapist should make it clear to you in the first meeting. If aspects of your therapist’s policy are not at all clear, please take the trouble to define them with him/her. We plan to publish their cancellation policies in writing in their profile pages as soon as possible.