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While up in London, a friend of mine needed urgent intervention, I was very pleased with the speed of the referral and how keen they were to help somebody who did not have English as their first language, would definitely recommend them.

Mary Foord-Brown

We made an urgent referral to this practice for a distressed friend in London, the service was superb and reassuring for all concerned.

Martin Wilks

The reduced cost therapy scheme at The Koan Practice helped me out in the most difficult period of my life and I was very happy to have support when I was in great difficulties, on a financial level as well as mental and so on. It was really good to see every week the same therapist to build trust, and I found that rather than a therapy we were co-creating the session, depending on what needed to be addressed. It took me few months to recover and I now feel much better and more confident. thanks so much


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