We have been providing successful psychotherapy and counselling for twenty years (previously known as LACAP), and have a reputation for providing positive and long lasting outcomes, for a diverse spectrum of clients. It is modelled like a GP’s Practice, where all of the counsellors & psychotherapists are individual practitioners, and each has particular ways of working and special interests. For therapists’ profiles, please see Senior Therapists.

In general, we offer psychodynamic psychotherapy/counselling. The term “psychodynamic psychotherapy/counselling” is used here as an umbrella term for an exploring type of psychotherapy/counselling. For more information, please see psychodynamic psychotherapy vs CBT.

The first step is to book an initial consultation. The initial consultation (an assessment for psychotherapy or counselling) is an opportunity to discuss with the therapist whether a psychotherapeutic intervention (a psychotherapy treatment or series of counselling meetings) might be appropriate for your difficulty, and to agree with the therapist about the arrangements for further counselling meetings here. The Initial Consultation takes about 50 minutes. For more information, please see First Meetings.

If you wish to pursue therapy with us, but were not able to come to mutually agreeable arrangements for subsequent meetings (i.e. the day or/and time of your ongoing appointments) with the therapist you had the initial consultation with, the practice manager, Yoko Kirkpatrick, will get in touch with you to discuss possibilities for working with another therapist at Koan.