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When I met my counsellor I wasn’t sure if counselling could help me but I had nowhere else to go. The first few sessions where painful, I think I spent most of that time crying. But as each session passed I began to understand why I was feeling the way I was. Together we found solutions to why I felt the way I did. As something new surfaced, my therapist would adjust my counselling and we tackled everything together. Sometimes I would bring issues that I thought was insignificant but it turned out to be a big part of my puzzle!


I am only three weeks in. But I needed to remark on the efficiency, politeness, and flexibility of these people. Although the first counsellor I met was not for me, I was quickly introduced again to another, and this is a guy that I feel I can trust and work with.


I’d been depressed for a long time when I started counselling and had a few times therapy before which hadn’t helped all that much. It seemed to help just getting to talk about what depression is like for me. I didn’t know counselling would be like that. Sometimes it was hard to talk about it all and I wasn’t sure about all the feelings which sometimes were hard to deal with, but I started to notice I seemed to be doing more things in my life. I seem to be feeling like I can cope better with things and feel more motivated as well. I think I’ll still keep exploring my depression, but the way I think about it now feels different. I’m not even sure I’d still call it depression, or if it even needs a definition. I might have counselling again at some point, but that’s because it’s felt helpful this time.

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