What is executive coaching?

Executive coaching is a professional relationship between a trained and experienced coach and a client (who may be an individual or a group) with the goal to enhance the client’s leadership or management performance and development.

What can executive coaching help with?

Executive coaching can support you at any point in your professional career. Whether stuck in a rut and struggling to progress, looking for a new role or position, starting out as a new manager, or taking the next step toward senior management; coaching can help you achieve your goals.

Becky’s broad skills and experience enables her to effectively support and guide her clients, no matter what stage of their career they are in. In her career to date Becky has supported individuals with a wide range of issues for example,

  • Setting effective and meaningful objectives
  • Conflict resolution
  • Building strategic relationships
  • Interview technique and practice
  • Effective communication
  • Applying and transitioning to a new role
  • Project planning
  • Time management
  • People management tools and skills

In her executive positions Becky has undertaken a number of directorial roles that have enabled her to build a suite of coaching and training modules. Designed to support businesses, charities, and institutes in setting up and improving systems, processes and teams for effective man management, modules can be delivered on an individual or group basis and can be tailored to suit the specific needs of the client.

Example modules are as follows:

  • Effective recruitment – How to design and launch recruitment campaigns that will attract and contract leading sector talent
  • Induction planning and delivery – Building the foundation for high performance
  • Basic requirements – Employee contracts, Health and safety, Employee handbooks, Employee policies
  • Employee pensions and benefits – Designing and delivering a benefits programme that meet the needs of your workforce
  • Training and development – Tools for creating an affordable and sustainable development programme, to increase employee productivity satisfaction and retention
  • Performance management – Understanding the importance of effective performance management, and how to build a PM program that will support each individual in achieving their and the wider business goals
  • KPIs – What does success look like. Helping you build a suite of metrics and key performance indicators that chart your company’s progress towards its goals
  • Annual strategy planning – The tools and skills necessary for effective annual strategy planning
  • Reporting – Understanding data. Helping you identify what matters and how best to communicate data findings
  • Line management induction, training and development
  • Employee satisfaction – Tools and techniques for understanding your employees needs
  • Employee communication – Getting the balance right. Designing a policy and approach to meet your needs
  • Change management – Tools and techniques for managing individuals and teams through the process of change
  • Managing poor performance, capability and disciplinaries – The basics

How does executive coaching work?

At the start of individual coaching sessions we will identify the specific work or career goals that you would like to achieve as a result of our work together. Following this we will create a project plan with SMART objectives and actions that will enable you to achieve the goals that we have identified.

Group sessions will follow a similarly structured project plan, and are designed and delivered in line with the institute, charity or companies individual needs.

How many sessions will I need?

Individual coaching usually lasts between eight to ten weeks, depending on the focus of our work together. Shorter, longer or on-going open-ended contracts are also available in line with your specific requirements.

The number of sessions required for group coaching is agreed on a case-by-case basis with the client, depending on their specific requirements.

How long and frequent are sessions?

One to one coaching sessions are normally for an hour, on a weekly basis at the same time each week. Frequency and length of sessions can be adapted to suit an individuals needs and timescales.

The length and frequency of group sessions are designed in partnership with businesses, institutions or charities in line with their needs.

How much does executive coaching cost?

Individual coaching fees start at £70 per hour, and are on a sliding scale depending on the client’s income. Group work with businesses, institutions or charities is based on a day rate of £600 per day plus expenses.

What is Becky’s background and experience?

With over twenty years experience of middle, senior and executive leadership, and a background in award winning start-ups, Becky has extensive experience of recruiting, training and developing high performing individuals. A number of Becky’s mentees or direct reports have gone on to successful roles in middle and senior management.

As a qualified psychotherapist, Becky integrates her therapeutic training with her substantial management and leadership experience to support individuals, groups, start-ups, companies and charities to achieve their professional goals, in an affordable, saleable and sustainable manner.


September 2016

Executive PA and Office Manager, The City, London

“Becky has a way of giving highly sensitive feedback to people in a non-patronising and helpful manner. She coached me through line management in the initial stages. The fact that Becky worked hard from the start to get to know me well as a person, meant that we were both in agreement on which areas we should be developing and how to get there. I see Becky not only as a mentor but also as a friend who has supported me through very difficult periods in my life. She is unafraid to ask thought-provoking questions and give you solid advice on what you can do to deal with situations. I completely trust Becky knowing she cares about outcomes of the actions she gives me guidance on – she doesn’t’ just give you textbook advice, she sees the whole picture and ensures she understands what you are trying to achieve and how you will get there as an individual. I believe that Becky has a good breadth of knowledge and her background in both career coaching and psychotherapy works well combined; I find her interactive teaching style to be highly valuable.”

September 2016

Support Manager, Essex

“ Becky has an amazing ability to see people’s strengths, sometimes even before they see it themselves. When I worked with Becky, she saw past my lack of experience and focused on the fact that I was passionate about a particular area of the job. Becky’s ability to see a person’s strengths means that she has a lot of faith in people and their abilities which I found incredibly helpful in building my confidence and skills in working independently. With Becky, you know she wouldn’t ask you to do something if she didn’t believe you were capable of it, which is incredibly reassuring.”

September 2016

Chief Executive, The Key, The City, London

“Becky has a particular skill in developing individuals, particularly where they have talent that has not yet been fully honed or recognised in the organisation. In the past year alone she has taken under her wing a number of middle leaders who were struggling to achieve their potential and causing frustration to their managers. They are both now doing very well, are happy and making a very valuable contribution to the firm. Becky understands how teams work and how to put them together effectively. She deals robustly with poor attitude and/or behaviour and is quick to remind an employee of their responsibility where necessary. Becky is a strategic thinker who wants to see the big picture, or overarching narrative, before she designs plans that fit within this. She asks a lot of questions in order to understand exactly what the situation is. She is a confident leader and coach who is very happy to challenge her colleagues with regard to our approach and her opinion is well respected.”

How do I get started?

Email, call or text Becky to set up a free consultation session on 07958 316159 or beckyhallpsychotherapy@gmail.com