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Nick Lewin

Dr Nick Lewin, BScEcon, MA, UKCP Psychotherapist

I am a senior analyst in private practice having trained as a Jungian psychotherapist, I also work as a clinical supervisor and at university train psycho-therapists and write on my subject.

I have evolved a broad psychodynamic approach which allows me to work in different ways depending on the needs and preferences of my clients so I can use a wide range of approaches that include dream work, cognitive tools or body work.  Like all psychotherapists I work with all the forms of distress and difficulties people face in their emotional world that affects their work, family or social lives.


General Perspective

General Perspective

As an experienced therapist, I endeavour to match my approach to the situation and the needs of the client and so can work over long term or short term at a pace that suits the client and whatever the client brings.   I have a preference to help clients to have the skills and understanding to continue with their own lives as soon as possible, but am very aware that clients live and struggle in the real world and ‘our working approach’ must match that wider picture.

Cancellation Policy

As a professional psychotherapist working in private practice the client ‘buys’ a slot of my working week for a regular appointment.  For therapy to work it must be consistent or the process becomes undermined, so a regular attendance is very important and I have found the following formula a useful pattern.

If the client cancels without giving forty eight hours’ notice I will charge the full fee as nothing else can be done with that time at such short notice.

If the client gives more than forty eight hours’ notice then I will charge half the fee or we can together explore an alternative time so that the client gets their hour and the fee is paid as normal.   Sometimes I am able to offer telephone sessions if that is mutually agreeable.  In practice this flexible system almost always works out and is a popular option with all concerned.

If the client’s work patterns are so chaotic that they will not easily fit in to this formula then I am willing to explore other options if there is a mutually workable solution.

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