Junior Therapists

Isabelle Macintyre Tisseau

Hi, I’m Isabelle. I am currently studying for my MA/Diploma in Integrative Psychotherapy and Counselling at the Minster Centre (BACP and UKCP accredited). In July 2015, I received my Foundation Certificate in the subject, and before that, completed an intensive course in counselling skills. I have volunteered as a mentor and befriender since the spring of 2014.
I am drawn to the integrative approach because I believe that we are all unique and highly complex, so considerable flexibility and variety is necessary for therapy to be beneficial. I will take my lead from the client.
I am fascinated by how events from our past as well as our attachment styles continue to colour our present existence and make us see the world (and its inhabitants) a certain way. I feel that by building a strong therapeutic relationship, based on trust, empathy and confidentiality, together, we can help you to develop your self-understanding and ultimately let go of what no longer serves you.


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