Junior Therapists

Claudia Laboyrie

MA in Psychotherapy and Counselling, Regent’s University

I am trained as a psychotherapist and use a psychodynamic/existential approach. In addition to my work at the Koan Practise, I hold an honorary position in an NHS hospital and I attend to clients at a drug and addiction counselling service in London. I have also worked as a counsellor with Childline. I have experience in treating depression, anxiety, drug and alcohol addiction, sexuality, trauma, self­‐harm and eating disorders.

People seek therapy for all kinds of reasons. Usually they feel there is something that is holding them back from living their life in a manner they seek. Talking with someone in a structured and safe environment can help people to recognize their feelings and address those issues. I provide a secure and confidential space for my clients to talk and express freely. I listen carefully and without judgement. I do not give advice, but instead help my clients in the exploration of their desires, conflicts, and relations with others. I give support as they reflect on life and what is causing their suffering. Through dialogue, I assist in making sense of one’s past and uncovering possibilities in one’s present. Therapy is a joint effort and, with mutual respect and trust, can bring about real change in a person’s life.


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