We offer reduced cost one-to-one therapy to individuals,  who are in education, unemployed or earn less than £25K gross income per annum, with our junior therapists. Unwaged, student or similar applicants can expect the fee per session to be £20.00.  For more information about the fees, please see the section for reduced fee therapy in Fees & Cancellation Policy for Reduced Cost Therapy.

The first step is to book an assessment meeting with one of our assessment therapists for reduced cost therapy scheme. Please contact us if you want to book the assessment consultation. We do not accept online applications/bookings for the reduced cost therapy scheme.

The assessment therapists are Keith Mainland & Nick Lewin.

The therapist will make an assessment if the applicant is suitable to work with one of our junior therapists.  It is an opportunity to discuss with the therapist whether a psychotherapeutic intervention (a psychotherapy treatment or series of counselling meetings) might be appropriate for your difficulty. Consultation takes about 50 minutes. For more information, please see First Meetings.

After the assessment meeting, we offer weekly meetings with one of our junior therapists (subject to the outcome of the assessment meeting). It is an open-ended treatment, so you can carry on your appointment as long as you wish. Due to high demands for the reduced cost therapy service, there may be a waiting period of a number of weeks (usually within 2-10 weeks) to be placed with a junior therapist. Please note that we would expect the applicant to accommodate our availability as much as possible, although we try to offer you ongoing appointments within your preferred days/times.

Appointments with our junior therapists are at the same day/time of week every week. Our Reduced Cost Therapy Scheme has a strict 48-hour policy.  This means that appointments cancelled with less than 48 hours prior notice need to be paid for at any circumstances. Also, we expect you not to prevaricate, postpone or make bad use of the time, and the therapist is unlikely to hold open offers for meetings if you are frequently cancelling, not attending and otherwise not keeping the meetings actually attended as frequent enough. If you missed 3 consecutive appointments or more (even though you cancelled the appointments with due notice), usually retention fees will be charged. For more information, please see Fees & Cancellation Policy for Reduced Cost Therapy.

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